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Offering convenient workspaces for independent professionals.

Working alone? Join us!

Our services

  • Flexible Workspace

    Choose the plan that's right for you. From designated full time desks to part time shared desks. We offer annual, monthly, weekly and even daily plans.

  • Custom Networking and Voice

    Need something extra? As additional services, we offer Voice Over IP phones with local numbers and private WiFi or wired networks.

  • Entrepreneurial Community

    Easily network with other entrepreneur members find the right skills to help on your next project, or promote your services to others.

Our plans

Our additional products

  • Print 15

    Print an additional 15 pages during your billing period.

    $3.00Get it now
  • Print 50

    Print up to 50 pages. Can be added to monthly plans.

    $4.00Get it now
  • Print 100

    Print up to 100 page. Can be added to monthly plan.

    $6.00Get it now
  • Print 300

    Print up to 300 pages. Can be added to monthly plan

    $13.00Get it now
  • Storage Cabinet

    Lockable cabinet with one adjustable shelf (removable). Dimensions: 29.84"H x 29.45"W x 23.35"D

    $22.00Get it now